Smart Times is the event that gathers smart fans all over the world. This kind of gathering started in Austria 18 years ago, info confirmed by fans from Great Britain, Poland, Germany who we met at the latest party, Smart 20th Birthday Party. By the way, the 20th Birthday Party was considered by fans as the new Smart Times event. The organizers thought of it only am an anniversary of 20 years since the first Smart was produced (check the Smart Fortwo History).

Smart Times 2001 | Austria

This was the first edition of this event, this is all we know other details are not available. A British Smartfan (if you’re reading this, please contact us 🙂 ) that we met in Smartville told us that a group of fans from Austria started the Smart Times events in 2001. Research loading… Meanwhile, we were lucky and we have a surprise video on YouTube.

Check the 2001 photo album on Pinterest.

Smart Times 2002 | Klagenfurt – Austria

300 Smart cars have reached Klagenfurt on 9th August 2002. The Mayor offered the speech and the welcoming cocktail; Burger King set up a contest to be the World record with 300 Smarts and the newly presented Smart CrossBlade model was available for a drive test. Watch the video here.

In 2 days the number of Smart cars had reached 600 and the event went on until the 11th of August 2002. Other activities for the fans included: ridding the boat, a party in Portschach, a safe driving contest and a Smart Goodies Pack offered by the organizers.

Check the photo album from 2002 here.

Smart Times 2003 | Klagenfurt – Austria

22-24 August event had the motto, Nice to See You. After being accommodated in the parking lots the fans received a welcome cocktail. The event stage in Lindwurmbrunnen Square was animated by two hosts and the Mayor had his already traditional speech. The crazy contest and modified cars exhibition allowed fans to admire the passion of other fans.

The second day was dedicate to the parade and visiting attractions in the area, including the local Zoo. In the evening Rxtreme Rage movie was projected open air and after the party was animated by Lou Bega.

On Sunday the organizers offered Free Smart Brunch with coffee and brownies to fuel up energy for the main Parade. A community was built because the vibrations and the emotions overwhelmed all the participants. Unofficial numbers say that a thousand fans were there. Research on photos and videos still loading…

Smart Times 2004 | Klagenfurt – Austria

Smart Times 2004Still few information. Anyhow, we know that this meeting was held on 20-22 August 2004 keeping the tradition of the welcome cocktail and the Mayor speech. Approximatively 1.200 enthusiastic fans showed up early in the morning to participate in all activities planned by the organizers.

A concert, brownie tasting, coffee, Crazy Contest and Tunning Competition became a tradition rounded up at the Smart Times Picnic.


Smart Times 2005 | Klagenfurt – Austria

The 5th gathering of Smart fans was held from 19th of August till the 21st. 1.500 Smart fans met in the Central Square and lined up the cars. An evening cocktail was held in the event hall where was presented the history of the Smart Times event and Awards were given.

As easily seen in the next video the fans were creative and full of crazy ideas. The parade was impressive and as it did before creating a tour of major tourist points in the area. The major surprise was the Bob Marley concert that managed to change a rainy night into a festival atmosphere event. Check the photo album from 2005 event.

Smart Times 2006 | Kaprun – Austria

The 2006 this event was held in Kaprun, 25-27 August. Sources led us to believe the event was held on an old airport. 600 fans from the UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary enjoyed strolling with the boat on lake Zell, test drive experience with the Smart Brabus Roadster V6 BiTurbo, lots of prizes and surprises for charity and for fun.

This was the last year that the Smart Fortwo was exclusively the 450 model because in 2007 the 451 model was launched. We’re still adding photos the 2006 event.

Smart Times 2007 | Kaprun – Austria

See To Be Seen was the guiding line of this event held on 24-26 of August. Apart from the traditional activities, the organizers managed to spice up the atmosphere with a Red Bull Dropzone 07, Brabus test drives assisted by a pilot (for the charity) and a Luttenberger concert. We couldn’t find any videos on this event so we kindly ask for help from those who may have some.

*Meanwhile, we started to add photos to the 2007 album.

Smart Times 2008 | Kaprun – Austria

From 22 until 24 of August the Smart fans celebrated in Kaprun 10 years from the first Smart made in Hambach. Kaprun is a town approximatively 100km away from Salzburg in the mountains so weather can be quite moody up there.

This didn’t stop 743 Smart cars to gather and beat the record of participants at this Smart event. The Brabus Race Drive and Craziest Smart were the well known and expected by fans contests, a signature of the Smart Times events. As were the modified Smart cars exhibition and the market tents selling Smart Accessories.

We are working on photo album from 2008.

Smart Times 2009 | Austria

You already know by now late August 21-23rd, Kaprun. The youngest fan (4 years old) and the oldest fan (74 years old) plus other 1.000 fans came from all over Europe and … Australia (!!!). The parade held on Saturday lined up 621 cars on a really moody weather.

The weather did not stop the rest of the activities nor the Steve Appleton concert. For more images, check the Pinterest Board dedicated to Smart Times 2009 (special thanks to Ricardo – Woody).

Smart Times 2010 | Kaprun – Austria

Kaprun had become the gathering symbol of Smarts all over the world. The 10th Smart Times took place from the 20th to the 22nd of August and premier pre-event activities were held from the 18 of August.

The pre-event activities continued since then and allowed the fans to have access to the mobile active service trucks powered by Mercedes for technical checks and small repairs.

Designers, experts, and tuners met the fans and attended the activities and parties custom to this event. A major party marked the end of the events in Austria, starting the next year Smart event opened up to locations all over Europe.

Check the photo album from 2010 event.

Smart Times 2011 | Riccione – Italy

1.500 Smart fans met in Riccione Italy where they enjoyed the beach activities and Aquafan attraction Parc from the 4th of August until the 7th.

Read the article about the Italian, Claudio Quercioli.

They could also visit the Ferrari Museum and enjoy Misano Circuit. The parade gathered 800 cars. We are still working on the photo album 2011.

Smart Times 2012 | Antwerp – Belgium

An impressive number of smart fans, 1.600 gathered from 27 countries in Belgium at Antwerp. For another four days of Smart Times from 23rd of August until the 26th.

This year the Smart fans were happy to support the anti-pollution fight by helping a non-profit organization to plant trees in Kenia.

1114 cars lined up for the Parade featuring extravagant models and extravagantly tuned cars. Check the photo album from 2012 event.

Smart Times 2013 | Lucerne – Switzerland

This year was a special one celebrating 10 years of Smart Roadster model being produced. And 15 years since the ForTwo model was launched.

As a tradition by now, the end of August (23-25 August) gathered 1.700 fans from 24 countries. The well-known collaboration between Swatch and Mercedes was once again celebrated by visiting the home of Swatch watches.

The star of this event was the Smart Fortwo Electric, for that time being the only Cabrio Electric car in the world. Check the photos from 2013 event (still working on it).

Smart Times 2014 | Cascais – Portugal

Portugal has one of the strongest communities of Smart fans in the world, members are really active, dressed and decorated accordingly their state of mind. They managed to win the hosting of the event in 2014 in Cascais from the 7th of July for 3 days of fun.

As a premiere, the Smart 453 model joined the event. This was the year when they celebrated 10 years of Smart ForFour… the safety car was decorated in order to show this.

The Formula 1 Circuit, Circuito de Estoril, and amazing beach zones offered a real show to admire during the Parade. 1.430 cars were accompanied by the Smart eBike through the Parade. Check the photo collection from 2014 (work in progress).

Smart Times 2015 | Budapest – Hungary

Smart Times 2015

The event in Budapest was held in Heroes Square in the center of the city and we think was one of the best Smart Times events of all. Lots of other Smart fans agree with us on the statement.

The pick of this event was on Sunday on the Hungaroring Formula 1 Circuit. The Smart fans had the opportunity to take their cars on a tour of the circuit.

The end of the tour was the beginning of the Parade. A long and spectacular parade through all the Budapest was wery well organized and the local authorities were very helpful. The police escorted the cars so they could be seen safely along known tourist atractions. Check the photo album from Budapest 2015.

Smart Times 2016 | Hamburg – Germany

Imagine cu Smart Times 2016, 26-27 August

On the 26 and 27 of August in Hamburg, Germany over 2,000 Smart cars participated to another Smart Times successful event. There were newly records of participants and of cars lined up for the Parade… 1.635 Smart cars (the previous record was in Portugal, 1,427 Smart cars).

Check the photo collection from Hamburg 2016.

Smart Times 2017 | Salou – Spain

In the middle of July Smart fans from over 40 countries arrived in Salou to enjoy another beautiful Smart event plus the beautiful beach. “Electrify Your Life“ was the motto of this event, another encouragement to move towards the electric cars.

The event was full of fun activities, the Parade offered some exotic views but Smart fans started wondering about the future of these events when the organizers announced that the next year they will have a 20 years party, not a classic event; from this point of view, this is the last Smart Times event. Check the photos from 2017 event.

Smart Times 2018 | Smartville – France

Smart Times 2018

On the 30 of June, Smart fans gathered in Smartville – Hambach – France to celebrate 20 years since the first Smart was produced. The location was at the Smart Factory.

The days before the big party, factory tours were organized for fans who managed to book really in advance. The Factory tour was a pleasant experience, guided by factory employees in English, German and French allowing fans to discover details from the production lines. Visiting the factory was an extraordinary experience for every Smart fan.

The main event, the Birthday Party was organized in front of the factory where the parking lot was well organized, including activities for children, drive test zone for the Smart electric, playing volleyball with a Smart Cario, presentation of Smart exclusive models, food and drinks areas and of course the main stage.

The Parade was quite limited for the number of participants; the ones who didn’t subscribe in time could stay and watch from the sides. As France was playing in the World Cup that day, the organizers set up a huge screen so that the interested fan could watch the game.

For the first time, the dealers and clubs stands were missing so you couldn’t buy auto accessories, clothing or souvenirs with the Smart brand.

The Tuning and Crazy Car Contest were not held anymore, a clear sign that this was just a birthday party, not a Smart Times event. A group of factory employees (thank You, guys!!) realized that the official event might not satisfy the fans that came from all over the world, so they created a Facebook Group – used to organize parties and tours in the area.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, info, or great stuff you want to share, please contact us here. Thank you!

PS: And! We found the British Smart fan we mentioned earlier: Instagram account – Fluffy “forfluff”.



Smart Family Meet 2019

In 2019 Smart Club Norway organized the meeting and it was a wonderful event. We’re still collecting information about it. Watch the video here.

Smart Family Meet 2020

A group of fans will bring their enthusiasm to Jelenia Góra in Poland (initial info). There was programmed a trip for 5 days and 3 countries: Pre-event day 1 at Goerlitz (Germany); Pre-event day 2 at Liberec (Czech Republic); Event day 1+2+3 at Jelenia Gora (Poland);  Read more details here.

Smart Family Meet 2021

The event organizers are Smartklub Poland, Smart Autoclub CZ and Smartclub Smartmelodie. All the details are here. This event was postponed to 2022.