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Smart Times 2020… loading

Smart Times 2020 is coming. It’s not proper to say that Smart Times is still an official event. The last one was in 2017 in Spain and in 2018 was named Smart 20th Birthday Party.

Considering all the history, the Smart Times event will never die. The Austrian fans started these amazing meetings and the fans will continue to keep the passion alive.

In 2019 Smart Club Norway organized the meeting and it was a wonderful event. As we know, it was not supported by Smart officials, and that was after a long period of time (*update from Jean, below).

Smart Meet Silesia 2020

In 2020, Smart Times 2020, will happen. Why? Because a group of fans will bring their enthusiasm at Jelenia Góra and would like to participate. Find more information on Facebook group links above.

So, if you would like to feel or to feel again the joy of Smart Times, you should prepare to join the Smart fans from 5 to 9 of August 2020 in Poland. And this location is so close to Germany, maybe you’ll visit some german attractions as well.

Follow the steps, find a nice hotel/rental and come with your Smart cars. The Smart Parades are unforgetable. Of course you’ll have questions and you would like to know more about. The Facebook groups are the best option for all of these.

Jean from Netherlans: Norway did get some money from Smart and the high ranking Smart official Frank Lamperter was present. He also announced that people could make a bid for 2020, that will be financially backed by Smart.
It’s nolonger called Smarttimes but Smart Family Meet and today is the day the location for 2020 will be announced.

See you there, Smart people!

If you would like to know more about this event and its history, read the article The History of Smart Times.

Smart Family Meet 2020 – Website

New info: there is a new website dedicated to this event from Silesia 5-9 August 2020. You can find regulations, fees, some accomodation support and the registration form here.