Smart Times is an annual international gathering of Smart car enthusiasts, owners, and fans. It is organized by Smart, the manufacturer of the Smart Fortwo and other Smart models. The first Smart Times event was held in 2003 in Lucerne, Switzerland, and it has since become a popular tradition for Smart car enthusiasts around the world.

The Smart Times 2003 event in Lucerne was a celebration of the Smart brand and its community of fans and enthusiasts. The event included a variety of activities and attractions, such as test drives of the latest Smart models, a Smart car parade through the streets of Lucerne, a Smart car design competition, and a series of talks and workshops on topics related to Smart cars and the automotive industry.

Smart Times 2003 also provided an opportunity for Smart car owners and enthusiasts to connect with one another and share their passion for the brand. Participants were able to meet other Smart car owners from around the world, exchange tips and advice, and showcase their own unique Smart car modifications and accessories.

Since the 3rd Smart Times event in 2003, Smart has continued to organize annual gatherings for Smart car enthusiasts. These events typically include similar activities and attractions, as well as new features and surprises each year. Smart Times events have been held in various cities throughout Europe.