Smart Times 2001 was the first Smart Times event and appeared at the initiative of Smart fans in Austria. They were thinking of contributing to fans’ meetings in as many countries as possible, and they probably did not even imagine how successful they would be in the future. In 2001 there was one brand model, Smart City-Coupe 450, the result of the collaboration between the two famous brands Mercedes and Swatch.

The event took place in Zell am See, around Lake Zell, the Kaprun region and south of Salzburg, Austria.

After more than 1 year of search, a fan, a member of Smart Club Austria, found an archive of modest quality images since 2001 and the devices they had at that time. The very good part is that we can get an idea of ​​what the first Smart Times was like. To see images that will appear gradually in this album, see our Pinterest account.

According to those who participated, the number of cars was much higher than expected. The culmination of the meeting was “Disco at The Fabrik”, easily identified among the pictures.