Yes, this model exists and it’s called Smart Roadster V6 BiTurbo Brabus. Only a few Smart Fans know about this car. And the truth is, is very rare, after all the information we have, only 10 cars were produced.

Car dimensions LWH: 3.427mm – 1.615mm / 1.192mm

Every car has a metal insertion with a number, the production number… 06/10 so you can identify it even better. The Brabus emblem is present in a few places so you can be sure that this is a collection car.

The Roadster Coupe was presented at the 2000 Paris Motor Show

If you would like to have a sportier Smart car, a good option is the Smart Roadster, produced between 2003 and 2006. Even if you don’t have a bigger engine, the car is light (less than 800kg) and low for an impressive diving experience.

At the 2002 Paris Motor Show appeared the production models: Smart Roadster and Smart Roadster Coupe

Maybe what most owners would like to have is a bigger engine so this V6 came. The red colour is a must, the silver tridion cell is a match and keeps reminding you about the safety. The Brabus alloys are completing a spectacular Smart Roadster. As Roadster owners know, all the engines produced for this model are from Mercedes-Benz.

A Few Details About Smart Roadster Brabus

There are Brabus versions for the Roadsters with increased power – 99hp with Brabus elements (exhaust, sport suspension, Monoblock wheels, front and side design details, dashboard, gear shifter, handbrake handle, steering wheel and many more). The last version, Brabus Xclusive was presented in 2006 and only 30 were produce – the Collector’s Edition.

New engine V6, 1.4litre, 12 valves, 220Nm

But the Brabus team had an ambition and wanted a stronger version. The main idea was to merge 2 engines, so from 3 cylinders as we used to, they came with a V6 with 215hp and an increasing weight to around 840kg. The result was an acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in less than 5 seconds. Wow! For a Smart, is more than wow.

These cars, V6 BiTurbo Brabus are not street legal

The bigger engine came with a necessity to move the fuel tank in the front, new rear suspension design and leaving a small place for the luggage. These 10 cars were produced at the castle Solitude and some of them were presented at special events.

Do you remember the cartoon characters eyes when they are amazed? Exactly that happened at Smart Times in Austria when the Smart fans were able to see and to get a ride in these cars.

Only 10 Roadsters – V6 BiTurbo Brabus

This really is an amazing car. Of course, there are regulations everywhere. But for a passionate, so many rules and restrictions kill the enthusiasm and all the fun.

Weight distribution 50:50 gives a race experience

We are so grateful that a small team from Brabus secretly prepared this car. They knew the Smart Roadster can run much faster, can handle a bigger engine and the performance can go to another level. On a circuit or Autobahn, enjoying every corner and then running at 225km/h… just think about it.

Estimated cost per unit: 330.000 Eur

This was the first Smart car with a strong ambition to ride closer to the well-known sport models like Porsche Boxter or Lotus Elise. If you would like to contribute with more information about Smart Roadster V6 BiTurbo Brabus, please comment or contact us.

You can find a photo gallery below; unfortunately, we don’t know the photographer.