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>>Let the fun begin!

Congratulations on choosing the smart fortwo coupé or smart fortwo cabrio. We’re pleased about your decision. No doubt you are also full of anticipation and want to finally start driving your car.

We’ll show you what it’s all about, give you a few important pieces of advice and some tips.

Please study these operating instructions thoroughly to ensure that you have more enjoyment with your smart and can recognise and avoid any potential dangers to yourself or others.

The Operating Instructions, Quick Guide, Service Booklet and list of smart centers constitute part of the car itself. You should always keep these documents in the car and make sure that you pass them on to the next owner if and when you come to sell your smart.

Incidentally, smart is among the first automotive manufacturers to offer a soot filter in the compact car segment. The maintenance – free system considerably reduces the hazardous soot particles emitted by the smart cdi engine. This contributes to environmental protection and human health.


>>Let the fun begin!

>>Blind date.

>>Light conditions.

  • Lights
  • Headlight range control
  • Interior lights
  • Fog lamps
  • Turn signal lights
  • Warning sounds and indicator lights


  • Audio/telematics devices*
  • smart radio one*
  • smart radio three*
  • smart radio five*
  • smart radio navigator*
  • smart CD changer*
  • CD box*
  • Cassette box*
  • Telephone console*
  • Universal hands-free system*
  • ipod*
  • smart sound package*

>>Weather outlook.

  • Sun visors
  • Sunroof visor*
  • Power glass sliding roof*
  • Coat hooks
  • Heater/ventilation
  • Air conditioning plus*
  • Wipers
  • Rear window heater
  • Outside mirror heaters*
  • Seat heater*
  • Car cover*

>>Variable driving enjoyment.

  • Soft top system (only smart cabrio)
  • Windblocker*
  • Notes on the soft top system
  • Soft top system faults
  • Care notes and maintenance

>>Child friendly.

  • Child restraint systems*
  • Using child restraint systems*

>>Study in motion.

  • Before driving off
  • Driving
  • Parking
  • Driving in winter
  • Driving with a catalytic converter
  • Driving tips
  • Cruise control*
  • Speed limiter*
  • Brakes
  • Electronic Stability Program (esp)
  • Airbags

>>Loading up.

  • Storage compartments and trays
  • Luggage compartment
  • Luggage compartment cover*
  • Luggage net bag*
  • Divider* between the luggage and passenger compartments (coupé)
  • Divider* between the luggage and passenger compartments (cabrio)
  • Multifunction box*
  • Rear rack*
  • Loading guidelines

>>Part-time jobs.

  • Refuelling
  • Oil level
  • Checking operating fluids
  • Tyre inflation pressure
  • Wiper blades
  • Care notes

>>Communications breakdown.

  • On-board diagnosis socket (OBD)
  • Fuses
  • Bulbs
  • 12-volt power socket
  • Breakdown set*
  • Wheel trim cap*
  • Wheel theft protection*
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Battery
  • Roll starting
  • Towing
  • Fire extinguisher*

>>Data transfer.

  • Information signs (example: lefthand drive version)
  • Model plate
  • Technical data
  • Homologation numbers
  • Official homologation

>>Key word index.

All sections marked with the * symbol refer to either factory-fitted optional extras or original smart accessories.


The concept of these operating instructions

Driving a vehicle is just one of its facets; discovering a vehicle in detail is all about gaining an insight into its incredibly broad scope.

At the start of every chapter we tell you precisely what awaits you, and perhaps a little more too.

To help you find your way around with even greater ease, each chapter is colour-coded.

Here is a brief overview:

>>Blind date.

  • > For an initial impression.

>>Light conditions.

  • > All about the lights.


  • > Radios, telephones and all other entertainment features.

>>Weather outlook.

  • > Preparing you for all types of weather.

>>Variable driving enjoyment.

  • > Roof features and more.

>>Child friendly.

  • > Carrying children safely and correctly.

>>Study in motion.

  • > Driving and everything that it involves.

>>Loading up.

  • > How best to load the car and stow items.

>>Part-time jobs.

  • > Refuelling, checking and topping up.

>>Communications breakdown.

  • > Performing minor repairs swiftly and effectively.

>>Data transfer.

  • > The technical data.

Clarity is our aim

Fewer words can often say more. To help you enjoy reading these texts and concentrate on what really matters, we have incorporated a variety of design elements that we’d like to outline here:


Items in lists are always preceded by avdash:

  • to keep the list clearer,
  • for ease of recognition and understanding.

When you need to act

In this instance, first of all we inform you what you need to do, then provide any supplementary information that is necessary.

  • In other words:
    Ensure that you read through these detailed operating instructions
    > only then will you be able to handle your vehicle expertly and recognise and avoid hazards both to yourself and to others.



Notes provide supplementary information on a topic.


Anything that could result in material damage is classified as important.

Safety notes

Safety instructions draw your attention to potential hazards that could damage your health or even have fatal consequences.

⚠️ Danger of injury! (red)

We want to protect you, other occupants and other road users as effectively as possible.

For this reason, it is essential to read and observe the sections marked with this symbol.

Protection of the environment

The environmental policy of smart gmbh is based on the environmental guidelines of DaimlerChrysler, which are implemented in every phase of the product’s life. Protecting the environment, saving energy and preserving natural resources are essential components of all principles. This starts with vehicle development, encompasses the production process and ends with the recycling of many different components.

Returning used vehicles

You can return your smart fortwo coupé or smart fortwo cabrio to us for environmentally friendly disposal in accordance with the EU Directive on End of Life Vehicle Law(1) – but that day lies a long way off.

About these operating instructions

As the scope of delivery of your vehicle depends on the order placed, the equipment in it may deviate from that shown in some of the descriptions and illustrations. In order to adapt our vehicles to the ever-advancing technologies available, we must reserve the right to make changes to design, equipment and technology.

Therefore no claims can be derived from any of the specifications, illustrations or descriptions in these operating instructions.

🌱 Environment!

We want to protect our environment. For this reason, it is essential to read the sections marked with this symbol.

(1) Applies in accordance with the national statutory provisions for motor vehicles. The smart fortwo coupé and the smart fortwo cabrio have fulfilled legal requirements for recyclable design for some years now. A network of collection points and disassembly workshops is available to receive end-of-life vehicles, where your vehicle can be recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner. At the same time, the possibilities for the recycling of vehicles and vehicle parts are continually being developed and improved, The smart fortwo coupé and the smart fortwo cabrio consequently will remain able to meet the higher statutory recycling quotas that will take effect in the future. Visit for more information.

Accessories and optional extras

All texts marked with an asterisk * refer either to factory-fitted optional extras or to original smart accessories that can be installed in a qualified workshop, such as a smart center. Please also observe country and vehicle-specific regulations for smart original parts.


Be sure to read the following sections in particular:

  • “Airbags” in chapter >>Study in motion.
  • “Belt tensioners” and “Seat belts” in chapter >>Blind date.

Correct use

Please observe the following information when using the vehicle:

  • The warning signs in these operating instructions
  • Chapter >>Data transfer. “Technical data” in these operating instructions
  • Road traffic regulations
  • Road traffic licensing regulations


Be sure that you also read the chapter >>Child friendly.


Should you sell your car, please be sure to pass on these operating instructions.

smart – a brand of DaimlerChrysler