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This article is presenting the most successful or the most popular examples of Smart cars with Hayabusa engines.

1. Smart ForTwo 451 with Hayabusa Engine

The first example is a Smart Fortwo 451 from 2008 bought to be modified into a Smart Fortwo Hayabusa project. Tom Raba has equipped this Smart car with a Suzuki Gen 1 GSXR-1300 engine.

Also, he modified the aspirated engine with a turbo and now this engine produces 290 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque… a little monster.

This engine has a different shape and you need a new subframe to install the Hayabusa engine, a race cut transmission, a reverse gearbox, and a strong output shaft.

Tom has a great video post with his Smart and you can see it below. He has participated in some car shows with his Smart project and this car looks and runs amazing.

2. Smart ForTwo 451 with 470hp Hayabusa Power

What a cool project! This car comes from Event Seelisberg (driving training, race school) and they have experience with racing cars.

The first big difference from other projects is the front engine and the spectacular exhaust. Of course, the engine is a Hayabusa, mounted in a custom subframe and a lot of modifications in the front. This Suzuki engine has the same 1.3 liters and thanks to a Garret turbo, the power output is 470hp! The video below shows 450hp…

There are many custom parts, Brambo brakes, other car models elements, ST suspension, a racing rollcage, racing minimalist interior…

It’s a challenge to drive this car, it’s aggressive, there is a boost from 3.000rpm and up to 14.000rpm, the wheelbase is so short, it needs a lot of attention.

Having a bike engine, all these cars have a reverse issue, so this car is equipped with an electric engine for driving backward. If you would like to read all the details about this car, read this article.

Smart Car Powered By A Motorcycle

What do you have to remember? Hayabusa is built to perform as a motorcycle. If you want to live with this, keep in mind a few details.

Hayabusa weight: around 260kg. Smart 450-451 weight: 700-850kg.

The Smart car equipped with a Hayabusa engine, a stock engine, is not so quick as you respect. There are 160-180hp, but you need torq as well. The Smart car is obviously heavier. That engine is engineered for a certain weight, a motorcycle weight and to get performance, and to be reliable in those conditions.

These cars mentioned above, have modified or tuned engines. And you have to consider these Hayabusa Smarties are mostly show-cars, not everyday cars.

You can modify a Smart stock engine and you can get more performance and reliability from this.

And the costs, I think you can imagine you can spend the equivalent of one or two Smart cars only on modifications… to have a Smart with Hayabusa engine.


A Smart car with a motorcycle engine is not as fast as a motorcycle. Maybe if you can find another kind of engine. There is a project in the UK, the owner was using a VW 1.0 liter TSI engine and a DSG gearbox.

If you would like to have a fast Smart, consider a Smart 451 Turbo or a Smart Roadster and you can have better results. And a lot cheaper. Or a project like the VW TSI engine and you can have great performance.

If you would like to contribute with related info about Smart ForTwo Hayabusa, we would be happy to hear you! Contact us 😀.

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