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How to replace the Smart Fortwo 450 engine left mount.

Smart Fortwo Engine Mount: At the Smart below, the center pad (the front) was changed and the vibrations problem remained. The central buffer is very important for the life of the clutch, but also because it suffers the greatest wear/strength, it was chosen an original costing around 65 Eur.

The left (rear) buffer/mount has wear and the cause of strong vibration when starting and stopping the engine when starting and slowing down. At the moment the swap was purchased, the left swung to 40 Eur (SWAG), and the one on the right was found only on other producers and exceeded 65-70 Eur.

I chose to put a left pad on the right and thought it was no difference, but it is. The spacer was used, and the washers can be used to align the buffer well on the gripping screws. I do not recommend this practice, but it worked in this case. It can be seen in the picture that there is a difference in the grip side to the engine.

It started by lifting the jack and removing the left wheel.

A car device was placed in the place of the jack.

Then the jack was moved under the engine to support its weight.

To dismantle the next arm, you need a 16 ‘E-Torx wrench.

Remove the arm and catch with the mice or another method to free the space to the screws of the swab.

The next step is removing the two lower screws on the pad. With the same E-Torx 16 ‘key, remove the screws of the buffer.

All three 16 ‘bolts are extracted.

Follow the long screw that reaches the engine and uses the 15 ‘key.

After removing this long screw, remove the swab and fit the new swab.

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