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Smart Fortwo Electric Experience

We have received for a few days a Smart Fortwo Electric Drive from 2013 beautiful and neat. It was beautiful, but it had an aesthetic defect and here comes the dose of subjectivity … or not? Steel wheels are defective.

When you’re going to drive an electric car, you have a lot of ideas and questions in mind. How can you not hear a motor too? Does it have speeds? How many speeds? How do you realize what speed you have, that you just hear nothing? How do you load it? And the questions continue …

I took the car, very excited and I saw it looks very similar. I put the key in contact on stage 1 and nothing happens on stage 2 of the contact and in the board reads “Ready”. You can not hear anything and you can leave the place.

I put my hand on the gearshift and it looks like the automatic gearboxes, it also includes the parking (P) and when you leave the foot on the brake the car leaves easily without pressing the throttle. Smartists know that their cars do not go under these conditions with their robotic manual gearboxes (450 and 451, excluding rare “automatic” gearboxes that are found only in some countries).

There was a pleasant surprise of warmth in the leather seats. Although they do not have dedicated buttons for seat heating, at the entrance to the car the seats are automatically heated.

I forgot something important about Smart Fortwo Electric: it was December, cold, days with temperatures of 0 to -12 degrees.

Driving an Electric Smart Fortwo

How do you hit the acceleration, do not feel the vibrations and the car leaves instantly. The trend is to see the speedometer and clock that indicate instantaneous current consumption. It’s nice, it’s missing a break in speed, it’s a smooth and very “quiet” walk.

When you want to get started quickly from the traffic light, it’s a pleasure to see how you move away from the rest of the cars in complete silence. Although I had 48cp and if anyone really wants to start fast and has the necessary horses, it will be the first. It’s not exactly sporting, but it surprises in most cases.

In the city, we really liked the idea of ​​an electric car. Start instantly without worrying about warming the engine, start the heat or air conditioning and feel the desired effect quickly.

Outside the city, the car is not very ready to have a cruising speed of 100km / h or more. Instant consumption is high at speeds over 70-80 km / h and the hills are not very friendly. These sensations do not feel urban.

Let’s go back to the city? Yeah, we’re back in a busy city and the car is feeling at ease. When it’s extremely crowded, it’s nice to have no engine power, no matter how slow you go and wherever you stand. And you’re just green, you do not have emissions and most people look admiringly at the car.

Technical Details

In a big city, you have some nice advantages: some free parking, loading stations in the center and supermarket car parks. Most of the time you have free loads. Take the cable that has dedicated boot space and connect. Both the car and the stations have safety systems against cable theft.

The disadvantage is when you get into the parking lot and the loading places are occupied and must be expected. But there is also the option to buy a normal socket cable and load the car home. After talking to a few electric car owners, I came to the conclusion that we were loading the car at home, the current cost about 6 lei per hundred kilometers.

This Smart has a maximum range of 135 km and drops to about 70 km in winter with the heated passenger compartment. It seems like the phenomenon is pretty much the same for all-electric cars. More autonomy would be well received.

Car weight … To give accurate figures, we have a Smart Fortwo 450 diesel and has 730kg. We also have Smart Fortwo 451 gasoline with 825 kg. How’s Smart Electric? 980 kg.

There is much to be said about. Although it has batteries specific to electric cars, it also has a conventional battery under the passenger’s feet. It has a stronger engine brake than diesel and you get less of a brake pedal. Revisions? Well, you do not have oil, fuel, and so many filters … So quietly, you hear any noise due to wear or damage.


I really felt that this was the future; simple electric cars, fewer components that need maintenance and investment. A smooth walk, without polluting the crowded city air, without waiting for engine warm-up, free or low-cost charging, free parking for electric cars.

At the same time, autonomy imposes limits on travel. However, you feel we are not yet ready to have a car, the electric car to do “everything.” If you have a vacation car, some longer roads, already Smart Electric is a solution. If you have a loading station nearby and maybe at work, it sounds really good.

Experience has been very enjoyable and, as mentioned above, we can talk a lot about Smart Electric. We suggest you do not hesitate for any opportunity in such a car. Conclusions pull them by yourself. Maybe it really suits you and it’s worth your step to the future, Electric Drive.