Smart is making its global debut in Leipzig! At the Auto Mobil International (April 1st to 9th, 2006), the innovative small car brand is unveiling the prototype of a smart featuring a natural gas drive to the eager trade fair audience. The Smart ForTwo CNG (compressed natural gas) boasts a bivalent drive, distinguishing it from vehicles with monovalent drive concepts by offering the flexibility of both gasoline and natural gas propulsion.

Leveraging the modular design of the Smart Fortwo, the high-pressure components, including a natural gas tank (2 x 16 liters) and a gasoline tank (12 liters), seamlessly fit into the underbody. This clever design ensures that the interior and trunk volume remain unaltered. The only additions are a charge status indicator and a switch for seamlessly transitioning between the two drive types, conveniently located on the center console. Remarkably, drivers can switch between fuel types even while in motion, with the transition being exceptionally smooth. In the event of running out of natural gas, the driver can effortlessly switch to the gasoline engine to continue the journey until the next gas station.

Boasting an average consumption of approximately 3.2 kilograms of natural gas or 4.7 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers, the Smart Fortwo CNG achieves an impressive range of 393 kilometers (138 km with natural gas, 255 km with petrol). Smart’s commitment to innovation shines through in this eco-friendly and versatile prototype.