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Who is the “EXPLORER”?

These little cars are probably the celebrities when you consider having a conversation about small cars (ask Claudio Quercioli about 🙂 ). The feeling is strange because watching a Smart from certain angles, it looks very small, maybe the smallest. On the other hand, you think it’s bigger than the old Fiat 500 and surprise… it isn’t.

The Smart cars with their unique style started to gather fans years ago. If you really want to know many of them and to become an addict or just to admire, you have to come to a Smart Times event. There is one special fan and he is known after his plate, the “EXPLORER”.

Picture of Claudio Quercioli

Who is he? Who is the EXPLORER? Let’s met Claudio Quercioli (also known as Gherga), the Italian Smart 450 owner, so active on the social media with his little car.

I am not a tourist but a traveler.

Claudio Quercioli is a 32 years old chef at Runner Pizza, working only for passion. He is from Florence and proud of this! The best way to feel that is to read his words: “a strong sense of belonging to my city”.

Since I was 16, I decided to travel. My first trips were with an Aprilia Sportcity and my desire for adventure led me to travel for half of Europe with my 125 cc.

Since then, Claudio Quercioli used to take long rides. After a few years, his Aprilia decided that coming back from Madrid should be the last trip…

About The Smart Car

The passion for Smart car started in 2009 when he needed something bigger and better after his bike.

I was hesitant and I only had 4000 € available to choose a car.

He found this second hand SMART and felt was the right car: “I don’t know how and why it strikes me and creates something that has come up even today”. He decided to buy it and the Smart adventure began.

Having a Smart, you can’t believe how much space you have inside, how easy you can park in Italy, how cheap you can get the tank full. But also, the small engine can give you ” a kick in the teeth for the pockets and for the heart”. Why? The engine gave up and it needed some investments.

Image with Smart EXPLORER

But I didn’t give up and I decided to change it. From that moment my adventure begins with my EXPLORER car.

Claudio Quercioli purchased his second Smart engine and he says: “Having a Smart is not like having another car. Any Smart is a lifestyle, a passion, something that only who owns it can understand. When I drive my EXPLORER I am happy and I know, even if it is a car, is proud of me as I am of it.

Every time my car will have a problem I will help her because it is only thanks to her I can go where I want and one day I will realize my greatest dream: go around the world with her.”

Image with Smart Fortwo Explorer Dashboard

Here are a few details about the car: 2003 fabrication year, 700cc engine, Pure – equipment level, 240.000 km so far.

Exploring Experiences

The first exploration 🙂 trip was a Frace tour in 2012 and they crossed the country to see as much as possible? They? Who are They? Hm, Claudio, his girlfriend Francesca and the Smart Fortwo. They were happy to see incredible places living the French experience and to make it more intense they took the tent: “This is for me the perfect recipe for a trip”.

Image with Smart EXPLORER

After this tour, Claudio Quercioli felt a new challenge should come, “the crazy desire to do something incredible” and after a month they started a new holiday in the North part of Europe. You can say it was a real adventure considering the 26 days, 11.800 km and visiting Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland… But, because there is always a BUT, the Smart as a young love decided she needed a clutch repair and she stopped in Copenhagen. A stylish love, you can say. Anyway, it was heroic and she was crossing Finland bravely, mostly on roads with snow, ice and temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius.

Claudio Gherga and Smart EXPLORER

Because there are many trips, we selected the one with so many countries that you need a map: Belgium, Nederlands, Spain, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland. Of course, the order was different :)).

At the last Smart Times event in Salou/Spain, a Smart fan went to Gherga to congratulate him for his car and his ambitions. The enthusiast said that he follows him and gave him a new sticker – Smart Club Mexico.

EXPLORER at Smart Times 2017 at Salou

He shakes my hand, gives me a hug and tells me I wait for you in my tierra because I know you can do it.

The EXPLORER will come to Smart Times 2018 in France, @Smartville/Hambach and we can all met him in person. Claudio, please don’t forget the EXPLORER plate and your hat!

Because he wants even more, after this event he will drive again to Norway and Sweden continuing with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and maybe other countries. What is the total of kilometers? Around 10.000 km in “the true Smart spirit”.

We will expect a thousand other challenges but we will do it because we force each other: you never stop anywhere and I will treat you as you deserve. Me and my EXPLORER, yes we explore!!

As a fan, he is convinced that owning a Smart and participating in events makes you happier and friendlier. Gherga is very active in Italy, he and his friends are organizing trips and meetings. The “Queen” as someone named the car is ready to bring more trips and more nice experiences. After 240.000 km it looks still shiny and adventurous.

Gherga the EXPLORER

The world is your home, the road is the way to see it all

You can follow Claudio Quercioli and his EXPLORER on the social media accounts below. He will be happy to share his experience with you. In the beginning, the question was, who is the EXPLORER? Could be the man and also the car, they are both EXPLORERs. Meanwhile, Gherga, see you in Smartville!

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