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Size matters. There are more and more citizens, visitors, workers and the higher traffic is visible. A small car, under 3 meters is one good answer.


It is much easier to find a parking place. Easier and faster. And you have more time for everything, especially on rush hours. Park perpendicular.


Who wants to pay more for fuel? An economic car can save money. In the city, every car has a higher consumption. Do the math for you, and choose.

Smart Times is the event that gathers smart fans all over the world.

This kind of gathering started in Austria in 2001, info confirmed by fans from Great Britain, Poland, Germany who we met at the latest party.

We're waiting for the next Smart Times event








Do You Like Or Own A Smart?

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Did you know that most of the articles at Despre Smarturi are written by fans like you? You do not have to be a professional with a story you’d share with a writers community. Share your experience on any aspect of your Smart Car, whether for business or pleasure, technical or travel story. Photos and videos are an added bonus. Submit a few details about your story here and we will contact you soon.

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