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Smart Fortwo

Smart History

A short presentation for this particular model, Smart Fortwo. There are three main editions, facelifts, special versions and limited models as well.

Smart Events

Smart enthusiasts could be found everywhere, from local to national and international levels with registered clubs up to the top level: Smart Times event.

Technical Solutions

It’s much easier to find technical documentation in English. This is the reason why this website will have a blog only in Romanian, for the moment :(.

Big Cities? High Traffic?

Smart Car


Size matters. There are more and more citizens, visitors, workers and the higher traffic is visible. A small car, under 3 meters is one good answer.


It is much easier to find a parking place. Easier and faster. And you have more time for everything, especially on rush hours. Park perpendicular.


Who wants to pay more for fuel? An economic car can save money. In the city, every car has a higher consumption. Do the math for you, and choose.

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Waiting for the next Smart Times event.

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